About us

Project Title: Folklore and Culture as Touristic Attractions – Hidden Values and Treasures

Acronym: FOLKcoolTOUR

Project ID: HUSRB/1602/31/0154

Total Project budget: 228,725.46 EUR

EU contribution (IPA): 194,416.63 EUR

Start Date: 1 January 2018

End Date: 31 December 2018

Lead Beneficiary: “Bánát” Serbian Cultural Association, Deszk

Beneficiary 1: TALENTUM Art Association, Subotica

Contact information:

“Bánát” Serbian Cultural Association

Address: 41. Felszabadulás str., 6722-Deszk, Hungary

Contact person: Mr Csaba Kunstár

Email: kunstar@szegedkurir.hu

Telephone: +36 30 830 6467

Project summary:

The aim of the project is to develop the folk culture and traditions into a cross-border tourism product, which would make hidden treasures and values accessible for the wider audience, as well as to promote it on both sides of the border.

Project partners are two organizations – the Hungarian community in Serbia and the Serbian community in Hungary, which have already achieved significant results in preserving the culture of minority. Within this project they will offer novel content for various age groups by project activities:

  • arts encounters (House of Arts) and sight-seeing of Subotica (Walk in Subotica) for schoolchildren;
  • holidays in the community – Christmas, New Year, and Easter, and related traditions and folk art events –Egg Bumping, Harvest Festival/Dadale, and more;
  • innovative art initiatives: in Subotica/Palic – Choreography 0-24, Children’s solo dancing competition, and in Deszk – Choreography 0-24, and Banatski Sabor;
  • common folk-art camps and closing festivals: Talentum Folklore Camp, Banat Tambura and Folk Dance Camp;
  • multi-art festivals: Palicsi Magyar Sokadalom, Ajvar Festival/Ajvariada, Grape and Wine Festival of Palic;
  • reconstruction of the community space of St Sava Community Centre in Deszk;
  • workshop on processing and developing the lost and found archive documents of the Serbian community of Deszk as a tourist attraction.

With the belief that making the hidden and less-recognized values of the folk culture more accessible for a wider range of people would result in new bridges between Hungary and Serbia, the project aims to create a folk-art/folk-cultural tourism hub that serves information on various programs and events for the population of the Hungary-Serbia border region – such as: dance houses, handicraft programs, folk music, dance shows and festivals, events for preserving traditions.